How the Amazon Affillate Program Works – Xenia Store Guide

How the Amazon Affiliate Program Works is the leading online store. It’s amazing just how many different products are on Amazon when you start researching products for your affiliate program. Amazon Associates is Amazon’s affiliate program that lets you earn commission on the sale of products from their catalog of goods. It’s a great program for several reasons.

First, because Amazon has been around for so long, most people who buy products online are already familiar with Amazon and have a certain level of trust in the quality of products and the ability to make returns. Most people also have an Amazon account as well, so there is a low barrier to entry when it comes time to make a purchase.

Second, Amazon affiliate program allows you to setup multiple tracking ID’s. You might have multiple tracking ID’s for different niches or markets, or in some cases you might setup different ID’s for various marketing channels, such as social media, email or web marketing. This is very helpful when it comes time to measure results and track performance back to a specific strategy for driving affiliate traffic.

Third, if you send someone to Amazon through an affiliate link, you can potentially earn commission on anything they buy. For example, you might send them there with a link to a $10 book and they end up buying a $200 Kindle. You just increased your earnings from $.40 to $8.00. This is especially nice around the holidays as more people shop online for gifts.

Our websites we offer you to create feature a HUGE AMOUNT of products available for sale. Each product in your store has a specially formatted link embedded with your Associate ID. This allows Amazon affiliate to track visits and sales generated from your site.

When visitors follow your links, and then proceed to make a purchase, Amazon Associates pays you a commission of up to 15% of the sale price! All new products released on Amazon will be automatically updated on to your website. In addition, Amazon Associates will process the payments, ship the orders, and handle customer service -you don’t need to do anything when an order arrives.


Using Amazon Associates Web Service as the technology, WordPress as a platform and our unique Amazon Affilitae Plugin for importing products we offer a solution based on Amazon affiliate stores giving you a golden opportunity to start earning with Amazon.

How to join Amazon Affiliate Program

If you are interested in online business, working from anywhere you want and making good money, the easiest way to achieve it is to take part in Amazon affiliate marketing program.
Your job will become a bridge between a merchant and customers. Merchants want more buyers and they are ready to pay for getting more clients with your assistance. An affiliate is able to bring visitors to merchants website via specially coded links to earn commission.

So, you drive traffic to your own website first; then you redirect visitors to merchant’s website to make a purchase, a lead or a click – whatever the merchant wants.

You get paid on action done, your redirected visitors buy something on the merchant’s website or fill out a form or click on something. You’re producing an action from your traffic, and that’s what the merchant is willing to pay for.

To join the Amazon affiliate program you should take the following steps.

Step 1. Get started

1. Navigate to the Amazon Associates site
2. Click, “Join now for Free”
3. Enter your Email address, and select I am a new customer


Step 2. Create Amazon account

If you do not already have an Amazon account, you will be taken to a registration page. Fill out the registration information.

Proceed to the payee information screen and fill out your account information.


Step 3. Website profile

Amazon will ask you some questions in order to create a profile of your content. This is done to ensure that your page is served relevant ads.

  • Enter your webstore as the name of your site
  • Enter the URL to your store
  • Enter what your website is about
  • Select the topic(s) that best describe your site
  • Select the types of items you plan to list on your site
  • Select “Content or Niche website” as your website type
  • Select “SEO” for driving traffic to your website
  • Select “Amazon Associates is the only way I monetize my site” for how you monetize your website
  • Select “Content Management System” for how you build your links
  • Select the number of Unique Visitors. This will take some guesswork on your part. If you are just starting out, you will probably select “Less than 500”
  • Select “To Monetize My Site” as the reason for joining
  • Select “Word of Mouth” as how you heard about it
    click next
  • After verifying your phone number you will get you your Affiliate ID and the option to select a payment method.

02Step 4. Setting up payment options

Next you will be asked to set up how Amazon gets your money to you.

03Your Amazon Associates application will be finalized within 1 to 3 business days; however, Amazon will allow you to take advantage of the program in the meantime by providing you with complete access to affiliate links.

If you are a resident of Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, or Rhode Island, you are ineligible to participate in the Program.

How to get and connect your Amazon affiliate IDs

To connect your Amazon Affiliate account to your affiliate website you need to insert your AWS Access Key, AWS Secret Access Key and AWS Associate Tag in plugin settings through your WP admin area. Go to admin, find Xenia Store plugin and click settings:


Your personal AWS Associate Tag you got after your registration with Amazon Affiliate Program and you can find it on your Amazon Affiliate account.

To get AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key you need to go through several steps described below.

Go to the Amazon web services web console and sign up.
Click on the User Name on the top right corner of the screen. In our case User Name is Xenia.


In the opened drop-down list click on the “Security Credentials” link.


You will be redirected to the Your Security Credentials page and see the following pop-up window:


Click on the Continue to Security Credentials button.

Click on Access Keys (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key) to extend the list of keys.


Now you will be offered to create a new Access Key. Click Create New Access Key.


Click Show Access Key.


You will see your AWS Access Key and AWS Secret Access Key. Write this information down and save it. You can also Download Key File to save the information.


Now go to to complete your registration and you will get access to Amazon API account.

Now you can get back to your website admin area and set your Amazon affiliate ids:


After you enter your affiliate ids click Save Changes and you are DONE!

How to withdraw money from Amazon with PAYONEER

I know some Amazon affiliate especially from India, Russia and from some other countries are not comfortable with Amazon withdraw options, as Bank Transfer or Check withdrawals take some time. So Payoneer solved this issue, now your money will be available quickly to withdraw on ATM anywhere in the world.

How it Works

You just need to follow three simple steps in order to use Payoneer Master Card for Withdraw from Amazon.

  1. SIGN UP for your Free Payoneer Master Card, and you will get 25$ Bonus on receiving your first $100 payment from anywhere, not only from Amazon.
  2. When you apply for Card, also check option for US Payment Service. After approval you will be able to see your Bank Account details in your Payoneer account. Now RECEIVE Direct Deposit from Amazon to Payoneer Bank Account via US Payment Service which is linked with you card. So transfers directly to your Payoneer account.
  3. Now you will have money in your card, So feel free to withdraw your earnings on any ATM, Transfer to Local bank account or use your Payoneer card in for online payments or in stores.

How to Link Payoneer with Amazon

First step is to login to your amazon affiliate Account and go to Account settings. Here you find Change Payment Method under Payment information.


Now click on Change Payment method option and you will be redirected to a new page, here you will find 3 options for withdraw, First via Amazon gift card, Second by direct deposit and last by check. So now you need to select second option, No matter if you are not from USA, to use this option you need to have actually USA Bank account which you have now via Payoneer US payment service.


You are successfully done, on this 3rd step you will get confirmation that your payment options have been updated.