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How To Use Amazon To Find High Selling Niche Products

July 20, 2015
Amazon watches

So many niches and so little time

Once you understand how Amazon can make you money without the hassle of holding any stock yourself, you will find that your next biggest headache is figuring out what to sell. On the one hand you do not want to just try and sell the usual laptops or mobile phones as those markets are pretty much saturated. Rather you want to find smaller niche groups of products, maybe something that is just taking off, or part of a sub-niche of larger products. For example rather than cameras in general, how about car dash-cams or go-pro wearable cameras?

Many product niches can be discovered by accident. My daughter came home from school one day raving about a new toy that all the kids were playing with. I looked into the product, found that not many places were selling it, and set-up a small website to sell it that day. That website made me thousands upon thousands of dollars. So you can look around and keep your ears and eyes open to find products, or you can use the Amazon website itself to find hot selling products that you can use (more on niche selection here).

So here is how you can filter down the products on Amazon and the checks you can do to see if it’s a market you should target:-

How to find products

How to Find Your Niche

March 19, 2014

How to Find Your Niche

The majority of online entrepreneurs are constantly battling with the problem of choosing products to promote. And how to pick out the ones that can bring maximum profit?

One strategy that we advise is to give up specific product selection and find a proper niche audience instead. Why this approach is better? There are several reasons:

Products get out of stock/production/market/fashion, etc., they come and go, and it can be hard to switch from one to another. Many affiliates have faced a situation when they invested much time, efforts and money into a product, but the latter declined in popularity or was sold out – and the whole affair was over.

A great way of getting the whole new world of opportunities is to choose a narrow niche audience and try to understand their problems. You should switch from separate products to types of products that can solve problems of your audience. For example, instead of just promoting Go-Pro cameras go for all wearable and action cameras.

How to find your niche?