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Why You Must Add Value To Affiliate Sites

July 22, 2015
adding content to amazon stores

Add Value to your Website

Once upon a time the life of an affiliate marketer was fine and dandy. They just scrapped some content details from Amazon/Walmart/Ebay/The Manufacturer, then inserted an affiliate link. The search engines then ranked this content, traffic ensued and sales started coming in. What a beautiful, wonderful world it was.

Fast forward to 2015 and that doesnt work. Not only does this type of site not work so well, and you will find it very hard to get a few free visitors, but this strategy can now even kill your site dead.Unless you know what to do first.

The Problem with most affiliate websites today

Search engines and even paid services such as adwords want websites to add value to the web, not just re-produce and regurgitate existing content and product details. And if you don’t do this you will find that both the free and paid options will make your life harder than ever. A website with just content taken straight from Amazon adds no value to users browsing the web. All it really adds is duplicate content. And this is why in today’s world, ranking eccommerce affiliate websites is getting more and more difficult. It is no longer easy to fool Google. Not only that, if you apply to become an Amazon affiliate using a thin content site that is just comprised of scrapped content then you will probably get turned down for an account.

How To Add Value To Your Website

So the one thing that you must do to your new shiny website is to add something new that exists nowhere on the web – Information, and it has to be new and unique. Or it has to be presented in a better way than it is available elsewhere.


So value in a nutshell means more content, text, pictures and video will do – just make sure it is new, unique and adds value to a web browsers online experience. Of course it’s easy to say it but how do you put this into practise on a website that may have many pages?

Condense & Summarize Existing Reviews

You can write reviews, but make them better than what’s already out there. Most items already have many reviews posted on the web, so read them and summarize what they say in your own words. Just make sure that your review offers something people want. For example read through the Amazon review and condense all the information into more bite-sized pieces. Everyone is in a rush and has a lower attention span, so make your review perfect for someone that wants to spend as little time as possible reading it. Try to put a review on every major product that you are promoting. So if you have an Amazon plugin that drags content into your website, make sure you rewrite it, add to it or change it in some way so that it is better.

Answer Questions That Buyers Are Asking

A great feature on Amazon product pages is that it has customer questions. Other places around the web also have questions that potential customers are asking about certain items. So collect those questions and the most asked you can add to your website along with the most comprehensive answers you can give.

If you can find questions that have not been answered then make it your mission to find and report them. If you think about it anyone looking to buy a product, especially an expensive item will have a number of questions that need addressing before that hit that buy button!

Add Comparison Tables

Something that would-be buyers really love is a side-by-side comparison table of products so that can decide which is best. These can manually be put together in html for websites or if your’e running a wordpress blog you can use a free plugin called

By doing these things you will find that not only do people value your website and spend more time on it, but that you will rank for a ton of long tail keywords as well.

The Best Free Amazon WordPress Plugins

July 13, 2015

If you want to get up and running with an Amazon Affiliate website but don’t have the budget to get one created, or cannot pay for the various plugins required, then there is another option available to you in free Amazon WordPress plugins.

free amazon pluginsA must-do step of creating affiliate sites is creating the product pages, and inputting all of the product details. To make this task easier there are a number of WordPress plugins to do the job for you. Although some of the high-end and more complex plugins are paid for offerings, some are available totally free. Here we will take a look at the best free plugins available, and tell you which ones are best. Although this is currently just a quick rundown, look out for much more in-depth reviews of each one soon.

Amazon Link Plugin can add Amazon product links to both posts and pages. The posting can be as diverse as you want from simple text links, thumbnail or full-size images, templates or tap into the Amazon flash widgets. It also has a very handy Localisation feature to send other nationalities to their relevant Amazon site keeping more of the commission for you. It also has a flexible template facility allowing you to quickly create complex content, along with a product details cache to load pages quickly.
Amazon Product in a Post makes use of the Amazon ASIN to add the products to your posts. The product can be placed at the top, bottom or anywhere within the post content. You can also add products to any existing page or post using shortcodes.
Amazon Auto Links is a plugin that shows newly released Amazon products in many different ways. Supporting all Amazon Countries and having many options such as custom sized thumbnails and URL cloaking.
Amazon Simple Admin is an interesting plugin as it lets you edit the template so your products show just the information you want on pages and posts. It also features collections which allow you to define and mangage sets of products as a collection and show them on a page with only one BBCode tag .
Amazon JS is another plugin that displays Amazon products on posts and pages. One interesting feature is that this plugins adds a search form to the WP post form, enabling admins to search products by keyword, ASIN or URL before adding the search results to the post/page.
Although all of these plugins will help create your Amazon Website Store, you will also need to setup the theme and add content along with other bells and whistles. If you need help or want a ready made affiliate website without the work, then contact us and we can offer a range of options to get you earning straight away.

How To Create the Best Amazon Affiliate Store

July 3, 2015

Amazon affiliate stores are available ready made and ready to buy, but maybe you would rather create them yourself. But it can be confusing with a huge range of website types, styles, plugins and themes available, as well as conflicting advice from ‘so called experts’ as to how to setup your website and what works. So which option should you choose, and how do you make sure your affiliate website brings in plenty of visitors, along with the highest commissions? Read on and you will find out.

Amazon affiliate stores can be created by yourself if you have the know-how, using standard HTML design or a CMS such as wordpress (or you can buy one ready made). Once your website is completed with amazon links within the content, you hope that visitors will come and start clicking on your Amazon affiliate links.

You own the websites and have full control over them, and they can make you lots of money – if they are set-up correctly. When a customer visits your website store and then checks out an item, or hits the buy it button, a small cookie is placed on their computer telling Amazon that you sent that particular customer. Any purchase that visitor makes from Amazon will result in a commission paid to you.

These website stores can be very easy and quick to create and set-up, but these usually end with little or minor success. Alternatively they can be more difficult and time consuming to create, and involve more work, but these sites will bring much better results and stand the test of time. The decision to go the easy route, or put in some work will ultimately be the difference between long-term success or short-term failure.

Reasons To Become an Amazon Affiliate

But why become an Amazon affiliate? There are many other ways to monetize a website, so what makes Amazon the best choice? Well here are some of the reasons why you really want to become an Amazon Affiliate:-

Trusted – Amazon is probably the most trusted shopping brand worldwide. Everone has heard about and brought products from Amazon, this loyalty and trust converts online browsers to commited buyers.

Unlimited commission – When you have an Amazon website/store set-up then commission is paid to you on every item purchased by visitors to your site. Amazon pay from 4-8.5% on items which can be quite a lot for high ticket items or big sellers.

Multiple purchases – People usually buy more than a single item when you send them to Amazon, and you earn a commission on whatever they buy. And this applies whether they end up buying what you sent them to or not. Many people load up their cart with numerous items so commissions can add up.

Easy integration – Amazon provides some good tools and widgets to help you integrate the sales channel into your website.

Vast product/niche selection – The Amazon marketplace has an amazing number of products suitable for any taste or niche. You can choose from gardening, electronics, virtual reality devices, diet products, hair care etc. etc. There is such a huge number that any interest is catered for and you WILL find something relevant to your target audience.

Building your Amazon Store

DIY Route

astore builder

The easy method is by simply using the amazon associate astore builder, this is a short snippet of code you paste onto your website pages and will result in Amazon products showing. But this technique is not going to bring you a lot of success unless you already have a massive trraffic base to send to it as it will never rank organically. The reason is that an astore is simply an iframe that links to Amazon meaning that none of the content is actually hosted by you. And that means that none of the search engines will rank you for any keywords and no free (organic) traffic will ever reach your website/store.

Create your own website

If you want more control of your store then you can buy a domain name, install wordpress, decide on a niche, choose and customize a theme, and use any of the free plugins or paid plugins that are available to populate your website with products. Look out for our complete step-by-step guide to creating an Amazon affiliate website.

Ready made Amazon websites – Let Us Do It For You

Xeniasites stores

If you want a website quickly and without all the fuss and headaches then we can supply them ready made to your requirements. Although our Amazon affiliate sites will require some input from you after the initial setting up stage, they are probably the most passive way to make an online income for years to come.

Our stores are custom created using our own amazon affiliate script wordpress plugin which creates hundreds or thousands of pages and products, all indexed in search engines and bringing visitors to your website on autopilot.

Take a look at our amazon affiliate wordpress themes and website stores and judge for yourself the quality and build of our associates script compared to others. Every website we create has quality custom themes, graphics and all the pages you need such as privacy page, contact us,

Why Amazon for Affiliates?

February 25, 2014

Why Amazon

In the previous blog post we talked about the advantages of affiliate business on the whole, and today let’s speak why we choose Amazon as our main business partner. There are plenty of affiliate programs offered by major ecommerce companies such as Ebay, and we could make websites for any of those. But we do not. Why? Because we decided after weighing up all the facts to select the most promising partner, and an Amazon store is beyond comparison.

The affiliate program came soon after they first opened in 1996, and the system that rewards people who send buyers to Amazon was born. The Amazon affiliate program works by placing a cookie on any potential customers computer, when they complete a sale, you make money. Amazon currently have websites dedicated to many Countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, the UK & Ireland, Australia, India, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, and China.

As well as being well established and having a worldwide reach, here are some more reasons why you should become an Amazon affiliate:-

  1. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. Its annual turnover exceeds $48 billion, and its 900,000 affiliate associates made $1,5 billion during the last year only. Amazon is also the fourth most successful startup of all times by growth, revenue and market capitalization. It was founded in 1994 as a bookstore, went online in 1995 and began its diversification, including one new branch after another: DVD, CD, video and MP3 downloads, electronics, software, videogames, etc. Then the company grabbed pretty much every non-digital products – from food and furniture to diapers and jewelry. Nowadays there hardly exists an item which one cannot buy from Amazon.
  2. Amazon is a trusted and reliable brand – millions of people all over the world are used to buy goods from Amazon on regular basis spending significant money there. Most of these buyers are both long-term and loyal customers. They know that there’ll be no problems with delivery and quality of products, and if by chance there is, that Amazon will rectify the problem quickly and effortlessly – so they keep coming back and making more orders with no fear that other online platforms may bring. In every customer survey Amazon comes up in the number one position as the most popular and respected shopping destination.