We Offer:

100% Ready-to-Go
Amazon Affiliate Stores

That you can install and turn into your own online business with full ownership. This Package was specially developed for XeniaSites and is now available for you.

To become an Amazon Affiliate Sites Reseller is easy!
We offer profitable and hassle-free Program.

No Extra Fees
No Risk
No Obligation

All you need is to get our
Reseller Business Package

In this Package you will find everything you need for starting your
online webstore business instantly!

We created the Product for people who want to make money with us
and to teach them how to start earning online having their OWN
successful business.

XeniaSites Amazon Seller Business in a Box

Will help you to become an online business owner in several hours, To understand the way it works and to get your first customers.

We are strongly interested in your success. If your reseller
website makes you money then we get a good reputation.

That’s why we will make all efforts to help you to achieve the results our
current top sellers have and we can all make some decent money together.

Advantages of online reseller business

You are the owner and you decide on pricing
You get the Xenia Amazon Plugin with unlimited developer use
You get access to all of our specially designed wordpress templates suitable for every niche
Customers pay YOU, only after the payment you set-up their website or can order from us.
You have your own website and your own BRAND
You have your own database of customers and you can offer any other products and services
Absolute freedom to act – you can sell whatever you want and any way you like. There is no control or limits.

Tap into the thousands of eager buyers that want to make money online.
Xenia resellers save money, time and effort.

How It Works – 3 easy steps:

Step 1
Customer makes a purchase on your site and you get instant payment to your PayPal.
Step 2
You create the site quickly by running the xeniaplugin and populating the site or outsource the order to xeniasites.com
Step 3
Send the complete ready store or to your customer.
We guarantee excellent technical, account and customer support anytime you need it.
Your personal support manager is also provided.

Reseller business model is the most convenient
way to start making money online for a newbie,

You don’t need to invest much money
You don’t need to create a product
You get full support from your supplier
You have 100% control on your business
You get your own website and own brand
There are no strict rules and serious requirements

Our Advantages:

- You set the pricing
- Xenia Amazon Plugin rocks
- Exclusive promotional materials
- Sales training & Video Tutorials
- White Label Products and Services
- Full support
- Downloadable Reseller websites

What you will get:

Ready Reseller websites for quick installation
(your own domain name and hosting needed)
How to work with Plugin (Guide)
How to operate and edit your website (Guide)
How to promote your website (Guide)
Marketing materials:

 - Google Adwords campaigns,

 - banners,

 - ads,

 - sale pages,

 - etc

How to work with Amazon affiliate stores
(step-by-step Instructions for your customers)
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For $59 only!
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