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Advantages of Affiliate Marketing Business

February 19, 2014

Affiliate Marketing BusinessNowadays more and more people around the world are getting involved in business online. As the world adapts and becomes more digital, businesses are creating websites that offer information, services and products online. An affiliate website store is a perfect example of how you can benefit from running your own online business.

First of all, we want to give the definition of affiliate marketing. It is an Internet marketing strategy in which a business (such as Amazon) offers a reward to affiliates for their marketing efforts. In other words, it is a way that companies can advertise their products or services for free, and where the advertiser only pays for results.

An affiliate marketing business is represented by four parties: the merchant, the publisher, the network, and the customer. The merchant can be a company that is selling different products or services. People who promote merchant’s products or services in exchange for earning a commission are called publishers or affiliates. Most affiliates are individuals or companies promoting products through their websites or other online marketing efforts. The network is a link between affiliates and merchants. It helps affiliates find all sorts of offers from various companies by registering with one site (the affiliate network). The customer is a buyer who is offered products or services by the affiliate. The relationship between these four parties is known as affiliate marketing business.

Get acquainted with our Hosting Services

February 13, 2014

Annual Hosting PlanWe want our sites to be as close to perfection as possible, since we care for your success and want you to have a great online business experience. That’s why we decided to buy our own dedicated server corresponding to our high requirements, rather than use someone else’s one and face problems we cannot solve. Now that we are happy owners of a brand new US based server in one of the greatest data centers, we offer our clients fast (1000 Mbit/s) and highly reliable channels at affordable price.

Why good speed is so important for online business? It improves user experience, increases conversions, strengthens visitors’ loyalty and even lifts websites in search engine ranking! According to recent stats, 57% of users leave sites if their pages download longer than 3 seconds. And even 3 seconds is too long: such sites get by 22% less pageviews, their bounce rate is by 50% higher and their conversion rate – by 22% lower. For mobile devices good speed is not simply important – it is vital. Nobody wants to wait a page to download for ages from a phone or a tablet. Nowadays up to 50% of traffic to most sites comes from mobile devices, and we shouldn’t ignore the fact.

We use our own unique WordPress plugin for downloading and updating Amazon catalogues on your Amazon Affiliate Stores. Our new server is optimized exactly for this plugin to make your work fast and hassle-free.

Hello Europe!

February 13, 2014

Hello EuropeAs I’ve already told in my welcome post, we improve our services at every turn and you are our best helpers in the process.

As for today, we are glad to announce our new achievement: NOW WE WORK FOR EUROPE as well!

We’ve received much feedback from European customers asking if it’s possible to get Amazon affiliate webstores in .de, .fr,, .it, .es and other zones to download and sell goods from corresponding Amazon sub-units. Just yesterday our unique WordPress plugin downloaded and updated products only from and was suitable for .com websites. And today we invite European audience to join us in this exiting  Amazon affiliate business and buy webstores with their “native” domains to work with their “native” Amazon subdivisions.

Besides, competition in European zones is not as great as in .com zone, so it will be easier for you to run a successful business. Welcome to the club!

Welcome to my blog!

February 13, 2014

Welcome!As you already know, my team is focused on Amazon affiliate stores developed in WordPress. If you haven’t read my story yet, it is still here.

And today I resolved on making a little break in my rapid working process to start this blog. Why?

  1. To share experience. We’ve made so many sites that it would be a shame to keep all useful information just for ourselves. We don’t only make webstores. We promote our own ones, we keep in touch with our clients running their stores bought from us – and we know a lot of success stories. We can advise what does and does not work in affiliate business and we want you to know it, too.
  2. To let you know what’s going on. We make brand new sites every day – and every week we’ll show you our best proposals in a newsletter. We constantly improve our existing services and add new ones, often based on your feedback. We grow permanently and want you to grow with us!

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