Why Should Every Affiliate Store Have a Blog?

April 9, 2014

Why Every Affiliate Store Should Have a Blog?

In such a competitive sphere as affiliate marketing simply having a webstore with catalog and affiliate links is definitely not enough for success on the whole and for visibility in search engines in particular. You need good unique content to keep readers come back and to be highly ranked in search engines. That’s why we recommend filling your website with quality content and updating it on regular basis. It will tell your readers that you’re not just a moneymaker, but also an expert in the field. And the best place of publishing such content is your blog.

Since you attract visitors to your site and then they are redirected to the merchant’s store, you need helpful information relevant to the merchant’s niche. If you cannot write well, or have no time for content creating, hire a professional copywriter to run your blog on freelance basis.

If you are only getting ready for buying or creating an affiliate store and haven’t chosen your niche yet, think twice of what really interests you. The problem with inappropriate niches is that if you don’t really understand and enjoy the topic, very soon you’ll get bored – and it will reflect on the quality of your content. Select a niche you are closely familiar with, the one that really excites you, and that will give you inspiration for continuous content.

Now that you’ve chosen your niche, it’s time to start running the blog.

Your articles, photos and videos should help people solve their problems and answer questions that users ask in search engines. You need some keyword research to select long tail keywords and avoid highly competitive terms like “how to lose weight”. As a newcomer in affiliate business you should be realistic towards your possible achievements.

To get good organic ranking create an authority site full of useful content and provide positive user experience. Get a reputation of an expert in your niche by means of unique articles, professional tips, video tutorials, storytelling, etc. This will help you to drive the “right” kind of customers to your affiliate website.

Try to write timeless content. One should not remove old articles when they are no more up-to-date. Old content is good for SEO, but not attractive for human visitors. If they come across your older content first, and find it moss-grown, they will leave right away. That’s why make sure you provide timeless content that won’t be expired in a month or even a year. If some data gets outdated, edit it or insert comments with renewed data into the texts.

A very important factor of building a reputable site is posting fresh content on regular basis. If you want readers to like your website and return for new content; if you want high ranking in Google search results, post content at regular intervals. In some time you’ll have many pages of content, and that will strengthen your authority and search engine positions.

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