Social Media for Affiliate Marketing

May 28, 2014

Social Media for Affiliate Marketing

Why should every affiliate store owner promote his business in social networks, blogs and forums?

1. It’s a must-have. Websites without social icons or widgets look strange nowadays. Even if you are not going to put much effort in SMM (social media marketing), you still should open accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc. – the selection depends on your niche, target audience, purposes and so on. Opening accounts in social networks don’t forget to provide good avatars and covers relevant to your webstore style. Or, ideally, pictures should be created by a designer: with your logo and certain colors (similar to the store design). And certainly don’t forget to provide links to your website in every account.

2. Social accounts show that the business is alive. Even if your website is not updated for months, its pages on Facebook, Twitter and other places being updated on regular basis, prove that you are ok. Try to post something on daily basis. Don’t simply give links to your products – such information should not prevail 20 per cent of the whole content. Publish photos, videos, useful and interesting articles (or links) connected with your niche. For example, if you deal with hair care goods, place posts about hair health, fashion trends, celebrities’ hair styles, etc; and only every 5th entry should promote your own goods.

3. Your social accounts let you inform subscribers about your blog updates (we’ve already discussed how important it is to run a blog on an Amazon affiliate store), fresh arrivals, sales, promotions, etc. This way you lift your brand awareness.

4. Participating in professional forums, blogs and other communities does not only bring you traffic, it also creates you a reputation of a true specialist and a fair seller. You remember that in affiliate business trust is everything, don’t you?

5. All social accounts, blog posts and forum topics you create make you more visible in Google.  Social media are loved by search engines and their pages are usually ranked pretty high.

Important note: don’t try to sell via social media, don’t over-advertize and don’t wait for many conversions from your social traffic. SMM works differently. It lifts your business awareness and customers’ loyalty. Social media (except maybe professional forums) serves for entertainment, not for shopping. Though shopping does happen sometimes.

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