How To Use Amazon To Find High Selling Niche Products

July 20, 2015
Amazon watches

So many niches and so little time

Once you understand how Amazon can make you money without the hassle of holding any stock yourself, you will find that your next biggest headache is figuring out what to sell. On the one hand you do not want to just try and sell the usual laptops or mobile phones as those markets are pretty much saturated. Rather you want to find smaller niche groups of products, maybe something that is just taking off, or part of a sub-niche of larger products. For example rather than cameras in general, how about car dash-cams or go-pro wearable cameras?

Many product niches can be discovered by accident. My daughter came home from school one day raving about a new toy that all the kids were playing with. I looked into the product, found that not many places were selling it, and set-up a small website to sell it that day. That website made me thousands upon thousands of dollars. So you can look around and keep your ears and eyes open to find products, or you can use the Amazon website itself to find hot selling products that you can use (more on niche selection here).

So here is how you can filter down the products on Amazon and the checks you can do to see if it’s a market you should target:-

How to find products

  1. Browse Amazon – Firstly just load up Amazons website and start browsing product categories you are interested in and like. The categories are on the left and you can drill down into sub-categories.
  2. Once you have chosen a product you like, check out the selling prices. If it is too cheap then your going to have to sell a lot to make any money on 6-8% commissions. Try to pick items that are higher priced, at least above $50 with an optimum of $100 plus.
  3. Next filter the products by those that have good customer reviews and check that your chosen niche has a number of products to sell. If there are only a couple of products to sell in your niche then it will be harder to make money, you need to create at least 20 product pages to promote and you want up to several hundred on your website.
  4. Once you have made a list of the top rated and best selling products ideas, pick the ones you like best and write them down. You’ll what to have at a bare minimum 25 different products in the “niche” you selected, and 50 is even better.  If the niche has less than 25, I wouldn’t even pursue it.
  5. Now you will want to see if people are searching for your products and what the competition is like. So load up the Google Keyword Planner, and input your product, it’s category, and the niche to see how many people are searching for it. Check that it is getting a reasonable number of searches and make a note of related long tail keywords to add to the content of your website when you write articles and blog posts.
  6. Now input your keywords into Google itself and see what competition you have on the first page. If the first page is full of big name retailers then you may want to target another keyword. If it has review sites, other Amazon affiliate websites, or even no real sites of any note, then it’s a good one to target.

Once you complete these steps you are ready to buy/set-up your website and you can expand your product range or create a new web store to target other products. Before long you will have a portfolio of websites that will earn you money day and night. Now the final step I forgot to add above – Take action now. Don’t wait until tomorrow or next week, get started today.


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