How to Choose a Turnkey Affiliate Website

March 12, 2014

How to Choose a Turnkey Affiliate Website

Turnkey affiliate websites are usually 100% automated, ready-to-use sites regarded to a certain online retailer such as These stores are commonly equipped with special affiliate codes. They are fully functional and ready for visitors’ purchases bringing commissions to the website owner. There are different variants of affiliate business both for experienced marketers and newcomers.

There are a lot of offers by numerous merchants nowadays. Before deciding on a certain merchant read as much as possible about him and choose the most trusted one. Our choice has always been Amazon – world’s biggest retailer with all possible items in its catalogue. Most affiliate webstores are already stocked with products and services. Some of them are sold together with keyword-reach domains and/or hosting. So you can buy a turnkey site without any extra costs or with minimal ones. You can choose a brand new westore and begin business “from scratch” or buy a working site with income and traffic. It is usually more expensive, but it’s an operating business which already brings money, so all you need to do is let it roll.

Ready-to-use affiliate webstores usually contain big catalogues in certain niches, and we think it works better than an alternative variant when owners promote just 1 to 10 products. They spend much time and efforts to optimize content, write reviews, buy links and so on. And then sometimes an item simply gets out of production and sales – and the affair is over. That’s why it’s more preferable to have dozens or even hundreds of products and promote not separate ones but the whole site, catalogue and its sections.

While selecting a webstore pay attention to design and interface, since nobody wants to buy from a poorly designed homebrew site. Low quality is the most common problem in this market, so pay attention to your image. Your affiliate store should look stylish and respectable. Make sure that the catalogue is kept in actual condition, and there are no outsold items, old prices, etc. Xenia Sites project, for example, provides its webstores with a special Xenia plugin which updates catalogues automatically on daily basis and even downloads the merchant’s new arrivals.

Now that we’ve discussed technical and aesthetical criteria of affiliate site you can start your casting and don’t forget to look through our webstores for sale corresponding to all mentioned requirements.


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