5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

April 16, 2014

5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

It’s easy to make mistakes when you are a newbie. Starting an affiliate business you are likely to be overloaded with information. So keep these simple things in mind not to lose your focus. What are typical mistakes of the newcomers?

1. Trying to diversify too early

It’s great if you are not keeping all eggs in one basket, and having several affiliate webstores in different niches should be your final goal. But at the very beginning you should focus on one and only project. Many beginners try to follow all popular and promising trends they’ve heard of (for example weight loss, dating, fashion, etc.), open several stores at a time and fail to make any of them successful. Each project demands much time and work and when you get scattered and spread your efforts in a thin layer, all stores you run are short of attention. What we recommend is beginning with one project, getting it into shape (it may take a month or more) and afterwards taking up the next one.

2. Expecting immediate success

Ads and fables about becoming a millionaire overnight have turned many heads. But rational people know that it is impossible unless you are a rich heir or a gambler. Affiliate business, like any other one, requires much efforts and time. Just becoming visible in search engines takes at least 3-6 months (if you do everything right). Even more time is required to gain reputation and positive word of mouth. Other ways of promotion have an accumulative character, too. So, if you believe in fairy-tales, better go to casino.

3. Sacrificing webstore’s quality design to low cost

First impression is vital when it comes to giving one’s money to a stranger. So if your webstore looks like this…

Poor webstore

… better go to casino.

4. Copying other people’s work

You see other affiliates writing sales copies and you repeat their style. You start promoting on Facebook because everybody does. You place banners because you see others do so. Internet buyers get immune to similar marketing tactics. To attract their attention you should think over advertizing channels that suit you best and be outstanding. In this hard competition games you should be unique to succeed. Your creativity, real life experience and fresh eye will give you an edge over veteran marketers.

5. Over-education instead of getting hands dirty with work

Many newcomers read every article on affiliate marketing in the world and that’s great as long as you don’t forget to implement your knowledge in practice. The money begins rolling as a result of your work, not education. So close all these windows and start a blog (or an ad campaign or whatever you read so much about) right now. And don’t forget to trace results with Google Analytics.

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