Affiliate Marketing: Trust Issues

April 2, 2014

Affiliate Marketing: Trust Issues

Online business is not only code, techniques and accountancy. Up to 90 per cent of your success depends on behavioral factor. That means you should be a part-time psychologist to get profit.

Focus on trust

Affiliate marketing is all about reputation and relationship. In fact, every visitor entering your webstore for the first time and seeing “Buy Now at” button can simply leave without clicking and go straight to Amazon, because he knows Amazon and does not know you. Such things matter when it comes to giving one’s money to somebody. That’s why you need to be (and look) reliable. You cannot give guarantees and promise refunds in case a customer is unhappy with his purchase, since the products and services you are promoting are not yours. What you can do is arrange quality design and decent content to make a good first impression. And don’t forget Contact and About pages.

 Select products that help people solve a problem

Make some research beforehand. Read blogs, forums, reviews and social networks to find out what problems and fears your target audience is facing. Think what products can help them and choose an appropriate niche and items. Provide descriptions with not only features but also benefits of your goods. It means you should mention common problems people have with products in this niche and describe how the items you are selling can help. People are more likely to spend money on such things and to trust sellers who care.

Promote products you know well

These may be goods you have used in the past or are using right now. In this case your recommendations and descriptions are more trustworthy. When your promotional efforts are based on solid confidence that the product is good, it is felt by your customers, and they begin sharing this confidence.

Run a blog

Dilute your purely commercial content with neutral information connected with your niche. Useful posts with tips concerning, for example, proper usage of products in you niche would work great and strengthen your reputation. Especially if you honestly describe your own experience, trials and errors.

Let people express their opinions

It’s great if your visitors have a technical opportunity to enter their feedback with their own hands, via special forms. You may also open accounts on independent review sites to accumulate positive feedback. Learn to work with negative reviews in a way that will support your reputation, not destroy it.

Any kind of relationship (business as well) is impossible without trust. So it would be wise to build all your activities on this stable basement.

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