90 Day Cookie VS 24 Hour Cookie

May 14, 2014

90 Day Cookie VS 24 hour Cookie


Let’s say you have a site for the Amazon Associates program, and someone visits your site and clicks an affiliate link. A cookie will be dropped on their computer to keep track of whether they make a purchase or not through your affiliate link. If a sale is made through this link of yours, then Amazon will award you with a commission.

The lifespan of an affiliate cookie varies depending upon the affiliate program. For example, with Amazon, you can have a 24 hour cookie or 90 day cookie. 24 hour cookie means that if a visitor of your Amazon site clicks an affiliate link and doesn’t make a purchase but bookmarks the Amazon product page for later, you can still receive an affiliate commission as long as the visitor makes a purchase within 24 hours of originally clicking your affiliate link. The 90 day cookie is not the same as a standard 24 hour cookie. It only applies if the visitor keeps the item in their shopping cart then orders it within 90 days. The regular 24 hour cookie doesn’t require the visitor to keep the item in their shopping cart for the commission to be given to the associate.

So, what kind of cookie to choose? I can’t give you the exact answer. From the one hand it is obvious that 90 day cookie gives you more advantages compared with 24 day cookie where you get paid only for spontaneous purchases people make the same day you refer them. From the other hand the 90 day cookie will only work on the product they added to the cart via your referral link, and in most cases if someone wants to buy something they will do it straight away. Besides, shopping cart option can decrease your conversion rate dramatically.

Speaking about my experience I can say that I was more successful with 24 hour cookie. However, I am still testing and trying different types of cookie on my sites. So, I recommend that you also try both types with your affiliate sites to make your own conclusion.

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