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The Amazon Reviews Plugin is the perfect plugin to use if you want to start selling Amazon products in a structured, clean and unique review format. The plugin allows you to easily create a large main content area that displays a description about the product, link to the main review of the product and affiliate links to amazon so you’ll get a commission.

These reviews are fully customizable and the plugin itself integrates with any WordPress theme out of the box and has been tested with the latest WordPress updates.

Below are the main differences between the Free version of the Amazon Reviews plugin and the Pro version:


Amazon Review Plugins Difference
Amazon Review Free Plugin Amazon Review Pro Plugin
Amazon Product Reviews:
Amazon Product WooCommerce:
Comparison Charts:
Update Prices to Amazons Latest:


The main features of the plugin, demo and all shortcodes can be found here.

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The Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Review Plugin Providing the Tools to Earn Passive Income

Our Amazon Review WordPress Plugin will easily create a unique Amazon Review website ‘on steroids’ helping you get that passive income online you deserve.

Once installed, the plugin will automatically create a stunning review website that both reviews and promotes products from the Amazon Marketplace. You can earn a commission of up to 10% every time one of your visitors purchases a product when clicking through one of your affiliate links directly to Amazon.

No inventory is needed as Amazon stores and ships all products for you. All of our websites offer a premium design, unique look with SEO in mind, so visitors will naturally find you through organic search.


XeniaSites Amazon Review Plugin – Years Above the Competition

So what makes our Amazon Affiliate Reviews Plugin different from all other Amazon Affiliate Plugin’s available?
It all boils down to the experience, knowledge and years we’ve spent on creating the perfect review plugin that is proven to generate passive income.

We spent years on development while creating the perfect plugin and is continually maintained to work seamlessly through each and every WordPress update. We designed the product review pages that insert the content, images, call to actions in the perfect location which has been proven to increase conversions by up to 35%.

You can customize the look and feel of each review through the use of shortcodes or there’s an option to have all information placed automatically in the plugin’s backend.

We guarantee an excellent website backed up by full technical and customer support anytime and for as long as you need it.


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