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Amazon Reviews Plugin is the perfect plugin to use if you want reviews with your Amazon Products your selling. It features a large main content area that displays quite a bit of info about the product, there is also a link to the main review of the product as well as links to go to amazon to buy the product with your Amazon Affiliate Tag/ID.

The review items that the plugin creates are able to be used with any theme and best of all there is nothing to modify with the theme you want to use unless of course you want to customize things futher.

Below are the main differences between the Free version of the plugin and the Pro version:-


Amazon Review Plugins Difference
Amazon Review Free Plugin Amazon Review Pro Plugin
Amazon Product Reviews:
Amazon Product WooCommerce:
Comparison Charts:
Update Prices to Amazons Latest:


An example of what this plugin can do it demonstates all the features & shortcode of the plugin & can be found here

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Amazon Review Plugin Instructions


The Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Review Plugin providing the tools to earn extra cash

Our Amazon Review WordPress Plugin will create for you, an Amazon Associate website ‘on steroids’ helping you get that online income you have been looking for.

Our plugin once installed into WordPress will create a stunning review website that both reviews and promotes products from the Amazon Marketplace. You can earn a commission of up to 10% every time one of your visitors purchases a product following a link to Amazon. No inventory is needed as Amazon will provide all the products for you. The website will be so well designed and setup with SEO in mind, that visitors will naturally find you through organic search!


XeniaSites Amazon Affiliate Reviews Plugin – Miles above the rest

So what makes our Amazon Affiliate Reviews Plugin different from all the other Amazon Affiliate Plugin’s available?
It all boils down to the CARE &┬áTIME TAKEN to write and create the Reviews’s, the comprehensive COMPARISON CHARTS.

We put real TIME and EFFORT in creating our plugin so that it can put useful product info at the positions you want on your website using shortcodes, if you dont want to position them yourself then the plugin has an option to place them automatically.

We guarantee an excellent website backed up by full technical, and customer support anytime you need it.

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