Amazon Review Plugin Instructions

Amazon Review Plugin is a wordpress plugin that pulls data from Amazon and adds a reviews custom post type and allows you to add an Amazon product review to a Reviews section that it creates. It can also add an Amazon review to WooCommerce products if WooCommerce is installed.

The plugin will also create a latest reviews widget for your sidebars and will display 5 reviews with links to the product and will have a small picture of the product as well as star ratings for the products, this is available in the Widgets area.

This plugin works with most themes and does not modify any theme files but instead will create shortcodes for various sections of the review, these can be inserted manually or this plugin will insert the content instead, and is controlled from one of two settings on the plugins Information page.

If you have installed the free Amazon Product Reviews PluginĀ Amazon Review Plugin and want to know how to use the plugin then this page will show you how. If the install has been successful you should have two new main admin menu items, Reviews andĀ Amz Free see below.


The idea here is to goto either Reviews or WooCommerce menu item from the Amazon Review Plugin main admin menu see 2nd image below, once there you will be able to add a Amazon Product to either Reviews main menu or WooCommerce Product main menu.

The Reviews is where you manually add and edit reviews, its is similar to wordpress Posts menu, but with additional items specific to Amazon Products and Reviews see picture below.


The Amz Free menu has two items if WooCommerce is not installed and three items when WooCommerce is installed, and this is where you will add Amazon Products bu using either “Amazon Review Plugin->Reviews” or AAmazon Review Plugin->WooCommerce” sections, see picture below.


The first item “Amazon Review Plugin->Information” is an Information page that also has a few setting that you can set, first there is a choice of two items to choose between “Auto Insert” and “Shortcode”. If “Auto Insert” is selected then the plugin will auto insert the shortcodes into the Reviews and WooCommerce Products see below.


See section 2 above where you have two choices, first “Auto Insert” selection will insert the shortcodes in the following order:

  1. [amz-main-infobox] – This displays title & some product info as well as buy now box & a link to [amz-expert]
  2. [amz-specs] – This is for various specifications ie: (HD, yes), (screen size, 720p) etc.
  3. [amz-expert] – This provides a link anchor to Expert Review for [amz-main-infobox], place this just above the review but after shortcodes here.

Next comes the actual Review or WooCommerce Product discription body, next the “Auto Insert” selection will continue to insert the remaining shortcodes in the following order:

  1. [amz-reviews-questions] – This provides ‘Customer Reviews & Opinions’ and ‘Your Questions Answered’ sections.
  2. [amz-proscons] – This provides the products pros & cons
  3. [amz-bottom-buybox] – This provides a buy now box with a small picture & title along with buy button.

Next is the “Shortcode” selection will allow you to insert the shortcodes in any order you want.

After the “Auto Insert” and “Shortcode” options you have “AWSAccessKeyId” and “AWSSecretKey“, both need to be filled in with your Amazon Associates “AWSAccessKeyId” and “AWSSecretKey“. If you do not fill both of these fields then this plugin will not work see section 3 in the image above.

There is also two other menu items “Amz Free->Reviews” when selected will allow you to add Amazon Products to the Reviews admin menu item section mentioned above, see the image below.


There are three sections on the page “Amazon’s Product ASIN” this is where you would put the ASIN 10 Character/Number from the product you want on Amazons website.

Next is “Your Amazon Affilliate ID” this is your id/tag from amazon associates and is something like “yourtagname-20” for USA or “yourtagname-21” for UK, both the above fields can be seen in the image above.

This pre populates most of the fields in the Reviews main menu mentioned above, dont forget you should re-write the discription to make it unique.

If WooCommerce is installed there will be another menu item “Amz Free->WooCommerce” that allows you to add Amazon Products to WooCommerce’s Products, this page has the same sections as the “Amz Free->Reviews” page mentioned above see the image below.


This pre populates most of the fields in the WooCommerce Products main menu & again you should re-write the discription to make it unique.

The Pro version has two extra menu items “Amazon Review Plugin->Comparason Tables” and “Amazon Review Plugin->Update Prices”, which are not included in the free version.

Error messages you might recieve

Most of the error messages will be from Amazon AWS, see one such error below:


Here the error is because of missing AWSAccessKeyId, there is also the same sort of error for AWSSecretKey as well as invalid AWSAccessKeyId or AWSSecretKey. If you get any of the above errors then double/tripple check that you have entered both keys exactly the same as Amazon provided and if you copy & paste them that there are no returns or any other characters that cannot be seen as these can also produce errors.

All the errors mentioned above can occur using both “Amazon Review Plugin->Reviews” and “Amazon Review Plugin->WooCommerce” admin menu items.

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